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School Supplies



Las Palmas is open year-round and accepts applications on a first come, first-served basis, based on space availability. We do keep awaiting list, but do appreciate parents keeping in contact, if they continue to have a childcare need.

Prospective families must first schedule a visit by phone or email. All visits take place between 5:30-6:30pm Monday-Friday. 

Care Details

In an effort to build the best, most cohesive community possible, we offer full-time day care and Full-time night care Monday-Friday. Weekends day and night are also available with appointment. We are licensed for up to 14 children at one time and we have three staff members. Our Standard day hours are 7am - 6:00pm (M-F) and Our Night hours are from 6pm-6am (M-F). For either the day program or the Night program we require a contract. We accept drop ins on Friday after 6 pm and Saturday.

We serve lunch, as well as healthy morning and afternoon snacks. We often include produce from our trees and garden. 

At the end of each day, you receive a detailed report so that you are clearly aware of how your child is doing at pick up. It will share the days’ activities, a description of how your child interacted with their friends and the environment, and other important information. It really helps parents stay connected to their kids, when they have to be at work or school themselves.


Please contact us in regard to our rates, as it may vary from family to family depending on days/Hours, elected program(s) and age of child.

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